December 30, 2011

Tiny Bubbles

 I love Lush Cosmetics and I usually wait until the day after Christmas for their sale. I always buy bath products from Lush. There are three types of bath products that I buy; bath bombs, bath soap and bubble bars. Bath Bombs are basically little balls that are filled with everything you would want in a bath. I use Bath Bombs when I just want to relax in a bath. I do not use these when I am trying to clean my body. Bubble Bars are mounds of basically dry bubbles which I use with Bath Bombs sometimes. And Bath Soaps are basically just yummy smelling soaps that I use again these are not necessarily soaps I would suggest using if you are trying to get "clean" but they are great for moisturizing and aroma therapy. I have had this bag sitting on my floor since December 26th waiting on a reason to use my fun new items. 

 Here is a rundown of what I got. 

1. Candy Cane Soap 

2. Snow Globe Soap 

3. Golden Wonder- The video doesn't tell you that there is glitter and little stars inside the bomb which is awesome! 

4. Cinder Bath Bomb- This bomb smells sort of like cinnamon and candy. 

5. Yet again I don't remember the name of this bubble bar. BUT it has glitter! 

6. I have no idea what this one is called! I can't explain the smell either. When I use it I'll explain it better. 

Bright Colors

Last night I went out to dinner with a couple of friends and I was so excited to wear my new yellow pants. I packed a change of shoes and a blazer just incase I end up going out after dinner. Ironically I ended up going home and putting on  jeans and a hoodie and going to the movies. 

Outfit on the left is for dancing. Outfit on the right is what I wore to dinner

Blazer- Forever 21
Sweater- Forever 21
Top-Urban Outfitter
Yellow Pants- Zara
Blue Pumps- Steve Madden 

December 28, 2011

In our own little bubble

 Yesterday I went out for drinks with a couple of friends. I was really excited to wear my new boots! 

By the way if you live in Houston and plan on going to Yard House at City Center Toby is the best waitress ever! 

Coat-Forever 21 (old)
Jeans- Zara
Shirt- The Gap 
Shoes- Minnetonka Moccasins via Nordstroms  
Scarf- A gift 

 So I got this really pretty bracelet at Nordstroms on Monday and guess what!!! It broke this morning!

December 27, 2011

DJ Run That Track Back

A Review of 2011

 I Laughed!

 I got some sun in Miami! 

 I was girly! 

 I feel in love with Washington D.C.! 

 I spent time with my best friends! 

 I spent my birthday in Vegas! 

 I ate at amazing restaurants! 

 I feel in love with red lipstick! 

 I enjoyed myself! 

I ate Beignets! 

Over all I had an amazing year! I cannot wait to see what 2012 brings! 

December 26, 2011

Merry Christmas

Skirt and Top-Zara
Boots-Anne Klein
Tights- Kate Spade via Macy's 

The Gifts!  

Marc Jacobs Daisy, Marc Jacobs Lola, Marc Jacobs Daisy Eau So Fresh 

 I have a Smart Cover on my Ipad so for Christmas I got a Belkin back cover.

 A make up must have! Urban Decay Primer Potion in Sin. 

 Minnetonka Moccasins Boots 

 This was by far my favorite gift.  My parents surprised me with this mirrored nightstand from Target!
I am going to use it in my bathroom to display my perfumes and hide some of my bigger make up palettes. 

December 24, 2011

Two Very Different Winter Nights Out

Dressed Up 
 I wore this a few weeks ago to a club with a couple of friends. I spent part of that night outside so the blazer was perfect. 

Dress-Zara (old)
Blazer- Zara
Boots- Steve Madden 

Dressed Down 

I wore this outfit last night. This outfit was perfect for bar hopping on a cold night. 

Shirt- Forever 21
Jeans- TJ Maxx
Leggings- Sasha (local store) 
Boots- I.N.C. 

My lipstick 

The Red Lipstick I often wear in my post is called Ruby Woo. It is a matte red so I usually put a gloss over it. 

December 22, 2011

The Christmas Gift You Never Knew You Wanted

Isle PediSpa 
One of my coworkers swear that "every girl should experience this place once in her life" and I have to agree. I went to Isle PediSpa Tuesday evening for a pedicure and it was truly delightful. I received the Mojito Mint Pedi and as I sipped my white wine I quickly forgot the high price I was paying. I will not sugar coat the fact that this pedicure is expensive but I think that everyone should do it once. If you are in a crunch to find a gift for that special lady in your life you may want to check out Isle PediSpa.  

The entrance 

The manicure stations

The Pedicure Stations

We were lucky enough to have the private Pedi Party room. 

Christi excited about her Pedi! 

For more information please visit the Isle Pedi Spas Website.

December 21, 2011

Someday We'll Find It...

O.P.I Rainbow Connection 

I went to get my nails done today and got really excited when I saw they had Rainbow Connection. I also purchased the color for my mom as a christmas present. 

The nail with Rainbow Connection has three coats of polish. 

December 17, 2011

The Busy Girls Guide to Holiday Shopping

I have learned that on busy Saturday mornings that less restrictive outfits are best . While on the go holiday shopping, grocery shopping and just driving around you really do not need a huge jacket because most of your time will be spent inside of stores or in your car sitting in traffic. 

Shirt: J. crew
Sweater: Gilly Hicks
Leggings: Calvin Klein (via TJ Maxx) 
My favorite scarf at the moment: Tommy Hilfiger (Black Friday deal)
Leg Warmers: Sasha (a random store in a local mall) 
Boots: Ann Klein 

The key to staying warm in this type of outfit is the leg warmers! I found mine at a juniors store in my local mall. They had several colors and styles all for under 5 dollars. 

December 15, 2011

11 of 2011

#01. iPad 2
I received my Ipad 2 for my birthday this year and by far it is the best thing I've ever been given.  When the first Ipad came out I thought it was interesting but not mind blowing. As the Ipad gained popularity and more features  I feel in love. I use my Ipad for millions of things. I take it grocery shopping, I watch movies on it, I shop on it, and I do anything I would do on my computer on it. I basically use my Ipad for everything besides blogging. 

Here are few Apps I'm loving right now 

Notability- $0.99
Since I've been using my iPad so much I have noticed that I sometimes need to write things down. I love this app because I can quickly jot down notes as I think of them. 

iBooks- Free
 Please don't judge my selection of books. I haven't had time to sit down and read lately so I have tons of previews of books. 

Vevo is awesome since all the cool music videos have been taken off of Youtube. 

This app saves me when I'm stuck getting my oil changed or at doctors appointments. 

Sephora- Free
This app  makes me love Sephora more than I already do. They have this really cool feature called The Virtual Beauty Studio. This app puts your face with a video that teaches you how to do different make up skills. That way you can prop up your iPad and do your make up as you watch the video. 

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