May 29, 2011

Remington Pearl Professional Curling Wand

I have been driving my friends and coworkers crazy this past week because all I have been talking about is my new Remington Curling Wand. 
I purchased my curling wand at Target for about 25 dollars. The wand comes with a heat protecting glove so you won't burn your fingers. I love this wand because it has heat settings and the curls really last all day! 
Excues my makeupless face! This is how my hair looks right after I curl it in the morning. 
This picture was taken the same day (hints the same necklace) after hours of work and being in the Houston humidity. I did have to re-curl my bang but the rest of my hair was still curled. 

Oh and I got my lovely necklace at Forever 21!

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