June 27, 2012

Watch Me Eat Wednesdays

Hey guys! So this week has been sort of a blur filled with sleeping and reading so I totally forgot to find a recipe for today (eeek)! Instead of giving up and just getting something from a drive-thru I checked the freezer and found some fish (Tilapia) and decided to use what I had in the fridge to make one of my favorite summer meals. 

Mango Fiesta Tilapia 

Mango Pico de Gallo 
Extra Virgin Olive Oil 
Red Pepper (optional) 

I purchased the Mango Pico de Gallo at HEB already made; you can also find this at Central Market or Whole Foods. First I coated the fish with a tablespoon of EVOO and a pinch of salt. I then topped the fish with the Mango Pico de Gallo, Oregano, and Red Pepper and placed the fish in foil. I cooked the fish on 400 degrees in a convection oven for 25 minutes. This is an extremely simple recipe and I love it. 

June 26, 2012


Well guys it is safe to say that I am addicted to Instagram. Here are a few recent pictures; some need explaining and some speak for themselves. I hope you guys are enjoying your week. Thanks for stopping by! 

I got the Justin Bieber album and I am in love with it! A few of my favorite songs are:
1. Right Here
2. Out of Town Girl
3. As Long As You Love Me
4. Die in Your Arms 

My dear, sweet, and kind friend Christi got all of us "We aim to please" bracelets.  We aim to please is our favorite saying from Fifty Shades.

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June 24, 2012

Budget Buys at H&M

A few weeks ago I saw this beautiful dress designed by Thayer on Pinterest and instantly wanted it. Being on a teachers budget there was no way I was going to spend $300 plus dollars on a trendy dress. 

Guess what guys... I found a cheaper look alike at H&M for $50!! I wore the dress this weekend to my cousins beautiful weeding at the Bell Tower in Houston. 

June 19, 2012

Skirting Around the Issue

Wow...I am so grateful for all of my new followers! I know I haven't been posting tons of personal outfits and I apologize but I have been living in Nike running shorts. I was searching on my beloved Pinterest and I found a few skirts I loved but I am to chicken to actually wear. I thought I would share them with you guys.
Pleats are so complicated for me. First off I have hips and I'm not exactly the thin. In my mind I feel like pleats would look odd on me. Silly right! 

 Sheer Maxi Skirt are everywhere this summer and I love them. The reason I refuse to buy one is simple. In my mind I think I am too short. Of course I wear Maxi dresses so wearing a skirt should be easy right? 

Skirts with details on the booty are so cute but I have butt and I am not always keen on showing it off. 

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June 17, 2012

Smashing Into A New Hobby

I can't wait to show you guys my journal once I get it started. I think my theme will be Don't Forget to Remember. I am going to put different quotes, song lyrics, book titles and recipes I want to remember. 

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Great Minds

I guess it's true that great minds do think alike. After my families father's day celebration I realized that my dad and I were matching so I had to take a picture! 

Macy's had an amazing sale and I got four pairs of shoes. Yes four pairs!  I decided to share these with you guys because they are just so cute and wonderfully neon.  

June 13, 2012

Watch Me Eat Wednesday

Welcome to the first Watch Me Eat Wednesday post. Since school is out I have been spending a lot of time cooking and eating. Since this blog is dedicated to things I love I thought I should feature foods I eat. With the help of Pinterest I have found tons of receipes I would love to share with you guys. Today  I made a Salmon Tostada for lunch and Skinny Fettuccine Alfredo for dinner. 

Salmon Tostada 
Corn Tostadas 
Pico de Gallo 

Skinny Fettuccine Alfredo 
I found the recipe on Pinterest and I was so impressed with the flavor!! I have to thank Eat Good 4 Life for this amazing dish. I love challenging recipes but this one was simple and quick. It took me 10 minutes to cook the entire meal. 

June 12, 2012

Pinning Over: Parties

Since I am off for the summer I have been spending my days reading, watching crap T.V. and pinning things. Today I started doing some research for my 25th birthday. My best friend and I are going to have a joint birthday party at the end of the summer. I love these colorful Champagne jello shots and the millions of ballons. I am not crazy about the 25 on the cake but I love the colors. 

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June 11, 2012


I know I have been missing in action the past two weeks and I am so sorry! This weekend I went to New Orleans for a bachelorette party. I thought I would share some of my Instagram photos with you guys. 

These dare cards were so fun! The cards included such things as: Ask for a man's sock, get 5 kisses on the cheek in one minute, trade a piece of clothing with a guy, and my favorite; have someone propose to you. 

 Yummy Hurricanes from Pat O'Brians! 
 Of course I had my share of cajun food but I just loved my pesto veggie pizza! 

 I won a bit of money at Harrah's 

 I shared this yummy drink with a friend while walking down Bourbon Street.

I had a great time in New Orleans! 

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June 1, 2012

Month In Review: May

If you guys feel like I have been slaking on post then you are totally right! I have been extremely busy this month with end of the year stuff at work and reading. I have always enjoyed reading however I have succumb to the hype and started reading the Fifty Shades series. I tried so hard to not like the books however I just can't stop reading them! 

Let's talk about some things I loved this month:  

I found a new station on Pandora called 2000s Indie and I am hooked! It reminds me of late high school and all of college. Every single song is amazing!!! If you like Indie music then you have to listen! 

Several of my friends have talked about a website called Shoedazzle. I know that Shoedazzle has been around for years however I was always skeptical. My shoes arrived on Thursday and I was delighted to see that they were nicely made and comfortable. 

Outfits I forgot about: 
 Jean shirt- Forever 21
Shorts- Zara
Shoes- Guess
Belt- Forever 21 (old)
Shoes- Guess 
Necklace- Forever 21 

 Hat- Target
Shirt- American Eagle (old)
Shorts- Forever 21
Shoes- Converse 
Purse- Louis Vuitton 

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