June 1, 2012

Month In Review: May

If you guys feel like I have been slaking on post then you are totally right! I have been extremely busy this month with end of the year stuff at work and reading. I have always enjoyed reading however I have succumb to the hype and started reading the Fifty Shades series. I tried so hard to not like the books however I just can't stop reading them! 

Let's talk about some things I loved this month:  

I found a new station on Pandora called 2000s Indie and I am hooked! It reminds me of late high school and all of college. Every single song is amazing!!! If you like Indie music then you have to listen! 

Several of my friends have talked about a website called Shoedazzle. I know that Shoedazzle has been around for years however I was always skeptical. My shoes arrived on Thursday and I was delighted to see that they were nicely made and comfortable. 

Outfits I forgot about: 
 Jean shirt- Forever 21
Shorts- Zara
Shoes- Guess
Belt- Forever 21 (old)
Shoes- Guess 
Necklace- Forever 21 

 Hat- Target
Shirt- American Eagle (old)
Shorts- Forever 21
Shoes- Converse 
Purse- Louis Vuitton 


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