June 30, 2010

An African Gossip Girl

These photo's are from an African Magazine called Pride. 

June 25, 2010

The Ed Sullivan Show - Who's Lovin' You (1969) - The Jackson 5 - TV SHOW - MjTunes Vision (Videos) - Michael Jackson Radio Station

The Ed Sullivan Show - Who's Lovin' You (1969) - The Jackson 5 - TV SHOW - MjTunes Vision (Videos) - Michael Jackson Radio Station


A year ago today a King died...
 Here are a few Michael Jackson videos I loved. 

Remember The Time

Rock With You 

Don't Stop 'Til You Get Enough

You Are Not Alone

June 23, 2010

Life needs SPRINKLES!

I like desert...No I LOVE desert! I love cake and cookies, but I love cupcakes most. Whenever a cupcake bakery opens here in Houston I rush to try it out. Being a cupcake lover I felt overwhelmed with joy when I found out Sprinkles was coming to the city. I waited and waited for over a year for the bakery to open and finally it has! 

I visited Sprinkles on yesterday around 6:30pm so they were sold out of most of their flavors. 

However I was able to get a Red Velvet and a Dark Chocolate cupcake. 
Review: I want to preface this review by saying that I have had Red Velvet cupcakes at Crave, Celebrity Cupcakes, It's a Treat Bakery, and Sugar Babies. I enjoy Red Velvet but I have yet to find a Red Velvet cupcake that reminds me of my great-grandmothers cake. WELL I FOUND IT!! The Red Velvet was great! The cream cheese frosting was perfect and the cake was moist and tasted extremely homemade. The Dark Chocolate cupcake was also good. I usually order Dark Chocolate at Crave and I have always enjoyed it, however the Dark Chocolate at Sprinkles was perfect! 

I had low expectations for Sprinkles simply, because it is a chain and it has been highly advertised in the media I loved the two cupcakes I tried and I will be returning to Sprinkles as often as possible. This is NOT good for my diet!

I'm loving this:

Bath and Body Works- Warm Milk and Honey Bubble Bath. This aromatherapy body wash is perfect to use after a long day. I love the smell and it really does make me feel ready for bed. 

June 1, 2010

Big City Bright Lights!

I recently went on a trip to New York City and I spent a great amount of time just walking around and getting to know the city. When I travel I am known to shy away from all things tourist but I did visit Serendipity. I had goat cheese nachos (Have I mentioned that I am the person that tries the weird/different thing on the menu?) which were really good. The frozen hot chocolate was actually pretty good however I honestly did not love it.
This is the original Frozen Hot Chocolate. I had the Peanut Butter. 

OK lets just keep discussing food! 

I had to visit Magnolia Bakery! The cupcake on the left is chocolate and the cupcake on the right is devils food. I eat A LOT of cupcakes here in Houston but the cupcakes at Magnolia Bakery were by far my favorite. 

My favorite snack I had in NYC were these mini cupcakes. I got them at a place called Baked by Melissa while walking  near Union Square. These cupcakes are bite size and taste way to good to only eat three. I had red velvet, cookies and cream and mint.

Yes I did eat actual food while I was in New York.
Rickshaw Dumplings! These dumplings were so light and full of flavor I crave them at least once a day now! 

I had a wonderful time in New York. I loved being able to walk out of my hotel and being able to find so many things within walking distance. The picture below is my favorite picture from New York City because it sums up my experience. 

My friend and I were walking around Union Square on a Saturday morning when all of a sudden we heard music. We walked towards a crowd of people to see a parade. The fact that their was a random parade on a random Saturday morning was so interesting to me. Yes, I love the shopping in NYC and I also love the food but the fact that on any given day you can do anything you would like to do amazes me. I love NY!
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