June 23, 2010

Life needs SPRINKLES!

I like desert...No I LOVE desert! I love cake and cookies, but I love cupcakes most. Whenever a cupcake bakery opens here in Houston I rush to try it out. Being a cupcake lover I felt overwhelmed with joy when I found out Sprinkles was coming to the city. I waited and waited for over a year for the bakery to open and finally it has! 

I visited Sprinkles on yesterday around 6:30pm so they were sold out of most of their flavors. 

However I was able to get a Red Velvet and a Dark Chocolate cupcake. 
Review: I want to preface this review by saying that I have had Red Velvet cupcakes at Crave, Celebrity Cupcakes, It's a Treat Bakery, and Sugar Babies. I enjoy Red Velvet but I have yet to find a Red Velvet cupcake that reminds me of my great-grandmothers cake. WELL I FOUND IT!! The Red Velvet was great! The cream cheese frosting was perfect and the cake was moist and tasted extremely homemade. The Dark Chocolate cupcake was also good. I usually order Dark Chocolate at Crave and I have always enjoyed it, however the Dark Chocolate at Sprinkles was perfect! 

I had low expectations for Sprinkles simply, because it is a chain and it has been highly advertised in the media I loved the two cupcakes I tried and I will be returning to Sprinkles as often as possible. This is NOT good for my diet!

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