July 26, 2010

Good look putting Tiny in the video

Got yo back- T.I. ft. Keri Hilson
It's My Birthday I'm 23!!!

July 21, 2010


A woman puts weave in her THREE YEAR OLD'S hair! These pageant mom's are psycho!

Texas talent

Shawty Whats up by Dondria
I've liked Dondria since back when she was just a youtube celebrity. Her first single was You're The One for Me, a song that I have played over and over. This song has a totally different vibe but I feel like I have to support Texas artist. Hopefully Dondria puts out more ballads soon.

Just one of them days!

I think around age 10 children should find out that life sucks and that life is super hard! We watch movies that are so sad but end up being super happy. Life isn't always happy. Life is totally unfair and LAME. Yeah it's been a bad day.

Your Love

Ok... I am in no way a Nicki Minaj fan but I do really like this song. The video is cute. If Nicki stays this way I may consider downloading some of her music.

July 18, 2010


I posted the trailer for The Social Network and I said that a group named Vega Choir sung the song. Actually its by a group called Scala.

This is the real song for the trailer THIS SONG IS AMAZING!

July 16, 2010

The Social Network

The Social Network is a movie about the creation of facebook. I only posted this video because the song in the background is freaking AMAZING!!!  It's Vega Choirs' rendition of Creepy by Radiohead.

July 7, 2010


So a few days ago I made a post about an Oversized Alexa Mulberry bag. Well I think I found a cheaper alternative!
It's a Michael Kors purse and it looks a bit like the black Oversized Alexa Mulberry! Its way cheaper and I really like it. I'm seriously considering buy it,

July 6, 2010

My Hobby

I found glitter pigment pots in my closet today so I decided to play with them! 

So what do you think? 

July 3, 2010

So cool!

Lust!!! ♥

I dream of this handbag; its a Mulberry Oversized Alexa!!! Target has teamed up with Mulberry to release a line of handbags in October, and I can only hope they recreate this bag!
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