January 31, 2012

Month In Review: January

The first month of the year did not exactly go by at warped speed. If January is any indication of how my year will be then I am in for some major high points and some interesting lows. Here are a few things I did not get a chance to talk about this month. 

I discovered the Texans Grill! Which is a wonderful sports bar. I went twice to watch Texans games when they were in the playoffs. 

 I got these lovely flats from Steve Madden! 

The Outfit
Shirt- Forever 21
Sweater- Banana Republic (last season)
shoes- Steve Madden via DSW 

 The Outfit 
Shirt- American Eagle 
Pants- Zara
Shoes- Steve Madden 

I found these bracelets at Target over the weekend. 

My new favorite things!! 
I love playing Scramble With Friends it is basically a word search you play with friends. 

I am all kinds of crazy for Lana Del Rey! Her album is LOVE! 

I have been having a hard time following asleep lately. I have started to use a lavender scented candle  20 minutes before bed. 

January 29, 2012

If you seek you will find

During the madness of Black Friday I saw these beautiful shoes at Nordstroms. I was completely in love with them and I had to have them. But, I was on a hunt for sales so I left the shoes and continued shopping for "deals". When I got home I looked up the Steve Madden shoes and I decided I would ask for them for Christmas. Well as Christmas approached my dream shoes seemed to fade away! My mother and I searched every store imaginable to find these lovely shoes but I just could not find a size 6. Soon I gave up on the shoes and decided I would never have them. Then my friend in Dallas called and told me Target had a shoe very similar to the Steve Madden's I was lusting for. The next day I hurried to my local Target but of course they did not have a single pair of these shoes! I finally decided I would just order my dream shoes ,from Target, online.

These shoes look perfect! However they are a bit big and not a comfy as the Steve Madden option. Since the shoes are a bit big I am going to buy shoe inserts to help with the comfort. 

January 26, 2012

Style Icon: Rachel Bilson

Back in the day I was a huge The OC fan. The second Rachel Bilson's character Summer showed up I feel in love. Any celebrity that is as short as I am is an instant favorite of mine. I admire Rachel because she always seems to look casual in everything she wears. I have a hard time keeping things casual. 

January 23, 2012

Baby Lips

I know that Maybelline Baby Lips lip balm has been out for a while in other states but here in Texas they just started running the commercials. I ran to Target last week to go buy a tube however they were completely sold out. I went to another Target and they were also sold out. Alas I went to Walgreens (somewhere I rarely go) and bought the last two they had! 

I got Grape Vine which is a plum color and Cherry Me which is a red color. Neither color shows up on my lips which I don't mind at all. They smell super good and I am very happy! 

January 22, 2012

A Very Happy Girl

Saturday morning I woke up and put my name on Urban Decay's wait list for the Naked 2 palette. Then after brunch I went to Macy's just to look in their make up section. And what do you know...They had the palette! It seems like Macy's always has a great stock of make up every time I go but I'm so hooked on Sephora! 

The colors look basic but they are so pigmented and fun. I use the original naked palette every single day and now I can't wait to use this one. 

 What a happy little family! 
As you can see I love the original naked palette. 

January 21, 2012


This morning I went to brunch at Cyclone Anaya's with a group of girls and ended up staying for 4 hours. I love Cyclone Anaya's food but their bottomless Mimosas and Poinsettia. I had a really great time having girl talk.

The Outfit
Shirt- Arie by American Eagle 
Shoe-s Steve Madden (new!)

So I made up a new drink I call it a Monsettia! It is a mixture of a Mimosa and a Poinsettia! 

January 20, 2012

Style Icon: Ashely Olsen

When you talk about style icons you cannot forget about the Olsen twins. I however am not a huge Mary-Kate fan. Ashely Olsen's style is much closer aligned with my own style. I love how she wears simple outfits but we all know they cost TONS! Another thing I love about Ashley is her ability to look so normal when photographed. The photos below could be of any 20 something girl out and about, minus the Hermes bag of course. 

January 15, 2012

Pinning Over: Pinterest Party

My coworkers and I are totally obessed with pinterest. We literally bring it up every day at work. We thought it would be a fun idea if we got together and made something off our pin boards for each other. It was so fun trying other peoples favorite pins. I think we should have pinning parties every weekend! 

The Food 
 I made Chocolate Oreo Cream Cake. I like to think that my cake tasted good. Click here for more information. 

 Lourdes made New York Times Best Cook Recipe Cookies. I thought these cookies tasted amazing. They were so soft and chocolatey but not to rich. Click here for more information. 

Lourdes also made Bacon-Wrapped Little Smokies. I am not a huge bacon fan so she made some with out bacon for me. Guess what!! The bacon wrapped smokies were my favorite!! Click here for more information. 

Christi made Three Cheese Mini Macs. They were so cheesy and creamy. Click here for more information. 

 Meldoy made a rendition of Pumpkin & Apple Cider Cocktail with Vanilla Vodka. She simplified the recipe by just using apple juice and vanilla vodka. Click here for more information. 

What I wore
Jacket- Forever 21
Top- Gift from Mom
Leggings- Tj Maxx find
Shoes- Toms 

January 14, 2012

Made For Walking

I know I said this year I was going to try and wear more heels BUT I am in need of some new flats. During the summer months I never buy flats because I love showing off my pedicure but in the winter I neglect my toes and cling to boots. The other day while getting ready for work I realized I do not have a good selection of winter flats. 
I can already see myself wearing these shoes with a bright pair of pants! These black flats can be found at Aldo .

I love these Steve Madden flats because of their simplicity. These flats can be found at Nordstroms

These Ballerina Flats are the perfect transitional shoe. These shoes can be worn in winter and then transition to spring. I love finding shoes that I can use year around. These shoes can also be found at Nordstroms

January 12, 2012

Style Icon: Olivia Palermo

I saw the very first episode of The City and that is the only episode I saw. I have however seen Olivia P. featured on hundrads of gossip and fashion blogs. Her style simple because she often uses basic pieces and turns them into something fabulous.

Below are my favorite two looks from Olivia. Both outfits would be extremely simple to recreate and could be made from pieces found in any store. Minus the Hermes bag of course.

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