January 29, 2012

If you seek you will find

During the madness of Black Friday I saw these beautiful shoes at Nordstroms. I was completely in love with them and I had to have them. But, I was on a hunt for sales so I left the shoes and continued shopping for "deals". When I got home I looked up the Steve Madden shoes and I decided I would ask for them for Christmas. Well as Christmas approached my dream shoes seemed to fade away! My mother and I searched every store imaginable to find these lovely shoes but I just could not find a size 6. Soon I gave up on the shoes and decided I would never have them. Then my friend in Dallas called and told me Target had a shoe very similar to the Steve Madden's I was lusting for. The next day I hurried to my local Target but of course they did not have a single pair of these shoes! I finally decided I would just order my dream shoes ,from Target, online.

These shoes look perfect! However they are a bit big and not a comfy as the Steve Madden option. Since the shoes are a bit big I am going to buy shoe inserts to help with the comfort. 

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