December 15, 2011

11 of 2011

#01. iPad 2
I received my Ipad 2 for my birthday this year and by far it is the best thing I've ever been given.  When the first Ipad came out I thought it was interesting but not mind blowing. As the Ipad gained popularity and more features  I feel in love. I use my Ipad for millions of things. I take it grocery shopping, I watch movies on it, I shop on it, and I do anything I would do on my computer on it. I basically use my Ipad for everything besides blogging. 

Here are few Apps I'm loving right now 

Notability- $0.99
Since I've been using my iPad so much I have noticed that I sometimes need to write things down. I love this app because I can quickly jot down notes as I think of them. 

iBooks- Free
 Please don't judge my selection of books. I haven't had time to sit down and read lately so I have tons of previews of books. 

Vevo is awesome since all the cool music videos have been taken off of Youtube. 

This app saves me when I'm stuck getting my oil changed or at doctors appointments. 

Sephora- Free
This app  makes me love Sephora more than I already do. They have this really cool feature called The Virtual Beauty Studio. This app puts your face with a video that teaches you how to do different make up skills. That way you can prop up your iPad and do your make up as you watch the video. 

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