December 13, 2011

11 of 2011

#03 Pinterest
It should be no surprise  that Pinterest is on my list. Pinterest is by far one of my favorite things this year. I feel so lucky to have heard about it. When I get home from work I put on my sweatpants and then get on Pinterest. Yes, I pin before Facebook! 

I decided to feature my favorite things on each of my pin boards. 

I don't have many things on this board but I did use several of them during Thanksgiving.
These are Cheesy Winter Squash Muffins. I loved them, however when I make them again I think I will add some red pepper flakes. 

For the Classroom
For my real job I am a First Grade teacher. This pin board has made my classroom run more smoothly and more engaging. 
If you are a teacher listen up! This is a simple way to keep up with your kids reading levels. I truly truly love this! 

My Heart Belongs To The...
Of course my heart belongs to fashion! It was extremely hard for me to pick a "favorite" pin but I did find something. 
I picked this because I just die for a good pair of jeans and a perfect ruffle neck shirt. 

There's a Party in My Tummy 
My heart beats for fashion but I breath for food. This pin board is filled with things that I'm sure I will never make but I love to look at. 
This is a perfect example of why I love Pinterest. You can learn so many tips and tricks. 

Face and Nails

I haven't had a chance to try this yet but it seems like a great thing to try! 

Happy Things 
On this board I pin things that make me smile. 
There is no need for words.

It's My Party 
This board is dedicated to anything related to throwing a party. 
Great idea! Put a marble at the bottom of a balloon before you add the helium and they will hang upside down. 

Come Fly With Me 
I honestly do not  pin many things on this board. This board is for places I would like to visit. 

Sayings To Say 
This board is dedicated to anything I need to remind myself to do or say. 

Preppy, Polo's and Pearls 
This is probably my most popular pin board. This board features anything related to "preppy" fashion. 
I love this poster because I've always be fascinated with the "preppy" style.  

In the Home
This pin board features things I would love to see in my home one day.
I think this reading nook is really unique.  I would love something like this in a playroom when I have children. 

One Day
Speaking of children. This pin board has anything and everything I love but don't need at this point in my life. It's basically a wedding and baby board. 
I love this brooch bouquet it's so classic and chic. 

Trying it Once Can't Hurt 
This board features things I would like to try or make. 

Hopefully during the Christmas break I really hope I get to make this bracelet. 

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