December 17, 2011

The Busy Girls Guide to Holiday Shopping

I have learned that on busy Saturday mornings that less restrictive outfits are best . While on the go holiday shopping, grocery shopping and just driving around you really do not need a huge jacket because most of your time will be spent inside of stores or in your car sitting in traffic. 

Shirt: J. crew
Sweater: Gilly Hicks
Leggings: Calvin Klein (via TJ Maxx) 
My favorite scarf at the moment: Tommy Hilfiger (Black Friday deal)
Leg Warmers: Sasha (a random store in a local mall) 
Boots: Ann Klein 

The key to staying warm in this type of outfit is the leg warmers! I found mine at a juniors store in my local mall. They had several colors and styles all for under 5 dollars. 


  1. Cute outfit! Love the festive colors :) Darling little blog <3



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