December 30, 2011

Tiny Bubbles

 I love Lush Cosmetics and I usually wait until the day after Christmas for their sale. I always buy bath products from Lush. There are three types of bath products that I buy; bath bombs, bath soap and bubble bars. Bath Bombs are basically little balls that are filled with everything you would want in a bath. I use Bath Bombs when I just want to relax in a bath. I do not use these when I am trying to clean my body. Bubble Bars are mounds of basically dry bubbles which I use with Bath Bombs sometimes. And Bath Soaps are basically just yummy smelling soaps that I use again these are not necessarily soaps I would suggest using if you are trying to get "clean" but they are great for moisturizing and aroma therapy. I have had this bag sitting on my floor since December 26th waiting on a reason to use my fun new items. 

 Here is a rundown of what I got. 

1. Candy Cane Soap 

2. Snow Globe Soap 

3. Golden Wonder- The video doesn't tell you that there is glitter and little stars inside the bomb which is awesome! 

4. Cinder Bath Bomb- This bomb smells sort of like cinnamon and candy. 

5. Yet again I don't remember the name of this bubble bar. BUT it has glitter! 

6. I have no idea what this one is called! I can't explain the smell either. When I use it I'll explain it better. 

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