July 21, 2012

The GM Diet

Hey guys! I have been over indulging a bit this summer and put on a bit too much weight. Next Saturday I am in a wedding and I decided I need to try and slim down a bit to feel better about myself and look good in my dress. So Sunday I started The GM Diet after a friend old him how well it worked for her. I did the vegetarian version of the diet but if you are interested in trying the other version please visit there website

Day One: Only Fruits (no bananas)

To start the GM diet I decided to buy a fruit tray from the grocery store and munch away at it all day. It is recommend to eat more melon thans any other fruit because they are mainly water. The first day was pretty easy for me because I enjoy fruit. 

Day Two: Veggies

Total Pounds Lost: 1.8

I started day two with Odwalla 100% carrot juice and after drinking it I felt like I drank "go-go juice" ! On day two you are supposed to stuff yourself full of veggies including a backed potato. I did have a bit of trouble on day two due to some sweet cravings after dinner but besides that day two was easy.

Day Three: Fruits and Veggies 

Total Pounds Lost: 2.4

I spent the majority of this day drinking Naked juices which kept me full until late afternoon. Then I had salad and fruit for dinner. This day was easy for me. 

Day Four: Bananas and Milk 

Total Pounds Lost: 2.4 (no change)

Day four was the hardest day for me. On day four you are supposed to eat bananas and drink a class of milk with every banana you eat. You can also have vegetable soup for lunch and dinner. Day four was difficult because I just felt like I could not get full. 

Day Five: Feast Day 

Total Pounds Lost: 3.6

Day five is called a feast day because you are going to feel stuffed. You have to eat at least 6 tomatoes and drink 12 glasses of water. You also get to have brown rice. I added honey to my rice in the morning and herbs and red pepper to my rice for lunch and dinner. 

Day Six: Vegetable Day

Total Pounds Lost: 5.6 Oh Yeah!!! 

Day six you get to have another cup of rice and vegetables. On day six I was feeling bored with the diet. Yes I was down five pounds but I was missing beans and bread (which I rarely eat). 

Day Seven: Rice, Fruit Juice, All You can Eat Veggies 

Total Pounds Lost: 5.6 (no change)

Today is day seven and I plan on drinking another carrot juice and chowing down on veggies all day. Tomorrow I will let you guys know what I think about the diet and how much I actually lost. 

Wish me luck :) 

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