July 1, 2012

Month in Review: June

I am a bit sad that the first month of summer is over. I have been spending my days doing a whole lot of nothing and frankly I love it! I enjoyed June but I am so excited that it is finally July; because of my birthday of course. 

Urban Decay Perversion Eyeliner

You guys know I am a fan of pretty much anything Urban Decay makes; so when I was out of eyeliner I rushed to Sephora to get a new stick of Urban Decay Zero. Well I saw Perversion and played around with it and decided to give it a try. Guys I love it! I know it's cliche but it truly glides on like butter! But that isn't my favorite part... I love that it actually comes off when you wash your face. I feel like extra black eyeliner never comes off but Perversion comes off easily with make up remover. I recommend this eyeliner to anyone who likes black liner; it's a must buy! 

H&M Grand Opening 

 About a year ago H&M started airing commercials on Houston television stations and it drove me crazy. For years I have made a point to visit H&M whenever I visit cities that feature the store in their local malls or shopping areas. Well Dallas was the first Texas city to get H&M and saying I was a bit bitter is an understatement. In early January rumors started that Houston was finally going to get a few H&M stores and I prayed it was true. At the end of May H&M opened in a mall about an hour away and I was more than happy to visit it despite the long drive. H&M must have heard my prayers because just last week they opened a store fifteen minutes away from my house and I was more than happy to drag Christi to their grand opening. Christi and I waited in line for 7 hours so we could say we were amongst the first 250 people to visit the store. 

We didn't leave the grand opening empty handed we received a free drawstring backpack filled with goodies like H&M notebooks, a T-shirt, a jewelry pouch and a purse hanger. 

I bought tons of things at the grand opening but I just had to show you guys these amazing pants I found. I have no clue how I'm going to wash them... Any ideas? 

Fifty Shades of Grey 

I mentioned to you guys at the end of May that I had started reading Fifty Shades of Grey and I am now pretty much obsessed with the series. I have already read two books who have been dubbed copy cats but I still can't get over these books. I like many of you spend time trying to figure out who could play Christian Grey in the movie version of the books but I'm still not sure. 


  1. I'm jealous of your H&M! I have the same issue.. The closest one is 3 hours from my house, and they're currently teasing me with one that's an hour away(The mall I usually shop at). It's supposed to open in August.. so excited!


    1. That is so exciting that you are getting an H&M closer to where you live. Thanks so much for stopping by!

  2. Isn't it crazy that 2012 is halfway over? I just recently got word that an H&M opened in the town where I go to college! So excited.

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