July 8, 2012

Birthday Wish List

So guys my 25th birthday is approaching and I am not exactly excited about it. I guess I just thought I would enter my mid-twenties with my life a little more "together". I am trying to spend this month doing things that I really want to do even if I have to do them alone. I figured throughout the month I would give myself little birthday presents but I would love to share my wish list with you guys. 

I have gone through so many Ipods in the last 7 years that it is sort of sad. I lost my Ipod touch while I was in Dallas two weeks ago so I am in need of something to house all my music. I'm excited about the Ipod classic because it holds 40,000!!

I have wanted a Clarasonic forever and hopefully this year I will get a Clarasonic Mia . 
I need a University of Houston car decal so I can rep my school forever and always! 

Things I May Buy Myself


  1. That Michael Kors wristlet is divine!
    I have an iPod classic, I love it so much. I never have to worry about if I have to delete music to make room on my iPod.


    1. Oh I can't wait to experience not having to delete music!

      Thank for stopping by.


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