July 17, 2012

A Gift To Myself

I am pretty positive all of you have heard the term Y.O.L.O by now... If not it stands for you only live once. I keep seeing my friends on Facebook referencing the term and I always thought it was kind of silly. I told you guys I am not exactly excited about turning 25 and I have been searching for ways to get excited about it. Well I came up with an idea! I am going to spend the next couple of days doing pretty much what I want. So if I see a purse I want I'm just going to buy it...with in reason of course. 

I decided to buy a Modern Willis Bag from Coach. While I was in Canada I kept wishing I had a bigger crossbody and I started searching. I am so happy I found this bag mainly because it is timeless and it is actually really roomy inside. 

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