September 7, 2012

Rushing Around

Have you ever felt like you are going one hundred miles an hours? Well I feel like this week has flown by. I have been working twelve hours a day trying to get things just right for my students. I decided to share this super random outfit and random lunch with you guys just to show you what I came up with in a hurry Thursday morning. 

What I Wore
Shirt- Forever 21
Jeans- Zara
Shoes- Steve Madden
Jewelry- H&M

I have no name for this dish. I guess it could be called a little of this and a little of that


Black Beans
Diced Tomatos
Spinach (finally chopped in food processer) 
Season All 
Red, Green and Yellow Bell Pepper 
Ginger Lime Dressing 
Balsamic Vinegar 

I was pleasantly surprised with the taste of this dish. It was perfect for lunch and easy to pack.  

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