August 12, 2012

Product Review: Clarisonic Mia 2

As you guys know I got a Clarisonic for my birthday a few weeks ago. I have been dying to write a review about it but I wanted to use the Mia 2 for a while before writing about it. Now that I have used the brush for about three weeks I feel that I can give an accurate review. I figured I would answers the questions I had before using the Clarisonic now that I know the answers. 

What Exactly Does It Do? 

During puberty I was blessed with amazing flawless skin. I had no idea what getting a pimple was like until college. After graduating college and beginning job hunting; I started having stress related breakouts. Since then I don't get much acne but I do have acne scars and I feel like my skin isn't as smooth as it once was. Well I wanted my skin back and thats why I got a Clarisonic. The brush head gently messages your face and rids your skin of all the gook from the day. 

How Do You Use It? 

I use my Mia 2 twice a day every single day. I wet my face with hot water then put my Cetaphil directly on the Clarisonic brush head  In the morning I use it after showering (the Clarisonic is waterproof so you can take it in the shower if you like) and then again at night. When I wear make up I use a make up removing toilette before using the Mia 2. I have a Deep Pore Brush Head that I use once a week. 

What's The Maintenance Like? 

After using my Clarisonic I run the brush head under hot water then dry it on a towel. I do a deep clean once a week with antibacterial soap and water. I have had my Mia 2 for three weeks and besides the initial charge I have only had to charge it once. 

Does it Work? 

YES YES YES!!!! My skin is soft, my dark spots have already started to leave and moisturizer goes on smoother. 

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