March 4, 2012

Life is a Rodeo

Saturday was extremely eventful. I finally broke down and bought an Iphone and now my Mac family is complete. I also saw Safe House which was a great movie. But you all are here to see what I did at the Rodeo so lets get to it! 
A view from the top of the Farris wheel.

What I wore
You can't see my boots in the picture but I swear they are cute.
Jean Jacket- Forever 21 (old)
Plaid Shirt- American Eagle 
Skirt- Gilly Hicks
Tights- Tj Maxx
Purse- Calvin Klein Cross-body 

 Yummy sausage on a stick! 

 The reason why I come to the Rodeo year after year...

Deep fried Cookie Dough (on the left) which was life changing amazing! Deep fried Oreos (on the right) wonderful as always. 

Jen loving her Fried Twinkie ewww... Just too much sugar for me. 

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