February 20, 2012

Unconventional Remedies

My mother has become obsessed with Dr. Oz and all of his life improving ideas. She has bought me two products that I have quickly fallen in love with. 

I have had a sore throat for the past week and with my work schedule I just do not have the time to go to the doctor. My mom bought me these throat lozenges Dr. Oz told her about. They actually work!! And not momentarily they seem to work for hours. I take maybe two a day when I need them. 

My mom also bought Dickinson's Orignal Witch Hazel. I was going to talk about this in my January favorites post but I wanted to be sure I loved it. I use this every single day twice a day. After washing my face I apply this with a cotton ball. It makes my face feel fresh and it locks the moisture in! I also see that it is helping with my dark spots on my cheeks. 

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