February 13, 2012

All Brushed Up

This weekend was a sad one for everyone who has ever turned on a radio. The death of Whitney Houston will be burned into my mind forever. I was one of millions of little girls that believed that she could become a singer just like Whitney Houston. That is until I learned that I didn't have the skills. 

I thought I would start this post by sharing my favorite Whitney Houston song with you guys. 

This weekend I didn't feel like doing much but I knew I needed to get a new foundation brush. I have been using a Stippling Brush for the last year and recently I have started to hate it. I did a bit of research and decided the perfect brush for me would be the Sephora Collection Pro Foundation Airbrush #56. 
When I paid for my brush I was informed that I was now a member of Sephora's V.I.B. club. Which means I will start receiving more coupons and special deals.  I can't wait to post about the cool new things I get. I think it is a bit funny that I am a V.I.B. because I do not feel that I am even close to a make up pro. 
I started to dislike my Stippling Brush because I always felt like my make up would come off on anything my face touched. I always had to make sure I used my Make Up Forever HD finishing powder to set my foundation. With my new brush I feel like my make up goes on smooth and does not leave me worried about make up stains on my clothing. 

The Outfit 
Sunday morning I over slept and had no idea what I was going to wear to church. I quickly ran into my closet and found something simple to wear. I decided to use my green pants that I have worn several times  and my burgundy blazer (featured here). I quickly flat ironed my hair and added a beret. 
Jean- Zara
Blazer- Zara
Shirt- Forever 21
Hat- Jessica Simpson (found in Mom's closet) 
Shoes- M.I.A. 

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