July 28, 2011

Vegas Survival Guide

I just returned from wonderful Las Vegas! The last time I visited Vegas was for my 21st birthday. Back then I was younger didn't require as much sleep. While I was visiting this time I learned a few things that I think everyone should. 

1. You have to drink water even when you're not thirsty!!  

Now wait!! Before you try and put a 12 pack of water in your suitcase just listen. People sell cold bottled water on the streets for $1.00 and some stores sell it for 65 cents. I would not go to your hotel gift shop to buy water or worry about bringing any from home. 

2. Over Pack!! 

Yes, I said OVER pack. I'm sure you're thinking I'm crazy right now but trust me I'm not. You are going to need at least two changes of clothes during the day and one outfit for clubs or restaurants at night. You also may spend more time by the pool then you would on a normal vacation so bring a few swim suits. My advice is pack two outfits for each day that you will be there then one outfit for every night. 

3. During the day screw the cute shoes!! 

I learned this the hard way. No matter how many times you go to Vegas you will at some point walk the strip and you are going to want shoes that are comfortable. Ladies it's Vegas the one place on earth where you can wear those super shiny 8" heels with your super tight "Freakem Dress". Save your feet the pain and wear some plain old sneakers during the day so you can wear you cute shoes at night. 

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