April 21, 2012

Is the scale broken?

Sunday after taking a shower I stepped on my scale and the screen flashed the words Error. I told myself I would use the error message as a way to motivate myself. In my mind I thought I would lose weight in a week and then when I fixed my scale I would weight less. Well as the week went on I snuck onto the scale and it worked and said I hadn't lost any weight. I just knew the scale had to be broken for real so I rushed to use my parents fancy scale. Low and behold I saw the exact same number on theirs. I thought I would show you why I haven't lost any weight this week. 

 I tried Seaweed Salad for the first time. 

 Rainbow Roll at Ra

 S'mores Cupcake from Oh La La bakery
 Tons and tons of my favorite cooke in the entire world!! S'mores cookie from Central Market. 
Salata its Chipolte but salad and I love love love it! 

 X-R Margarita I also had a Stuffed Avocado from Gringo's. 

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