April 11, 2011


I found a new cupcake place! It's called Sweets! Sweets is located in City Center behind Red Mango. This cupcake boutique had the feel of a kitchen in a downtown New York loft. 
They have cupcake balls (seen on the far left and right) and Macaroons (seen in the middle).
They also sell mini cupcakes which I plan on buying on my next visit. 
I bought Humming Bird, Red Velvet, Chocolate Coconut and Chocolate Chocolate. My dad ate the humming bird cupcake and he said it was good for a cupcake. This is a compliment coming from my father. My mom had the Chocolate Coconut and she said it was not every sweet. I had both the Red Velvet and the Chocolate Chocolate. I thought that the Chocolate cupcake was yummy. The cake was moist and there was a great frosting to cake ratio.
I took picture of the Red Velvet cupcake to show the sugar crystals. I did not care for the Red Velvet at all. The sugar crystals were over whelming and did not work well with the cake. I am almost 100% sure the frosting was not cream cheese. This was all a bit disappointing because Red Velvet is my favorite.

I think I will return to Sweets Cupcakes but I will skip their Red Velvet.

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