March 6, 2011

Open Letter

Last night I spent some time surfing around youtube and I came across this video.
The video is an open letter to Lil Wayne where three elementary school age girls question him. In the video the girls reference several other celebrities that they feel are better role models. I have a one huge issue with this video. Lil Wayne never asked to be a role model for elementary school age girls. Lil Wayne is allowed to speak however he wants in his music because he is a grown man. I take issue with the girls' parents for allowing the girls to listen to his music. These days parents have the luxury of choosing several different artist for their children to listen to that are age appropriate. When I was 9 and 10 years old I never knew what inappropriate rap songs sounded like because my parents did not play them. I also find it extremely hard to believe that these children came up with the idea for this video on their own and recorded it alone. I think these girls parents should let these girls be children and stop worrying about how people like Lil Wayne effect their kids.

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