December 31, 2010

Deep Clean Cleansing Wipes

I have a basket full of facial cleansers and I use pretty much all of them. However when I go out at night and have a coupe of drinks I am not really in the mood to wash my face. I usually just take off my contacts and go to sleep. So I have been trying to find something I can use that is quick and easy on crazy nights.
I love the Neutrogena Deep Clean face wash so I figured i would try the cleansing wipes. 
I decided to clean one side of my face so I could see how well the product worked.
I did NOT liked the way the wipe smelled! 
It took off pretty much all of the make up on left side of my face. 
Pros: Works quick and easy. You don't have to scrub your face to get the make up off. My face felt really soft after using the product. 
Cons: I hates the way it smelled and it did not taste very good on my lips.

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