May 27, 2010

White Watches

When it comes to jewlery I'm extremely simple. I wear the same necklace, bracelet, and rings every single day basically unless my outfit calls for something different. The only gaudy peace of jewlery I own is my Juicy Couture charm braclet (which I put one maybe once in a blue moon).

BUT! I want...NO... need a white watch!! 

I started noticing white watches last fall and I thought they were tacky but now I love them! I am struggling to find one that is small and not to grandiose. So here are a few I like! 
Fossil Stainless Steel Rim Watch   $85

Anne Klein Crystal Resin Bracelet Watch $55

 Fossil Crystal Topring Resin Watch $85

I've tried all three watches on and I am leaning towards the Anne Klein because of the price and it seems the be a bit more my taste. Hopeful I will make a decision soon!

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