March 11, 2009


I have been told several times that I should start a blog or a Vlog. Well I tried Vloging (I'm not sure that is even a word) but I did not get a huge response HA! Well this is my blog its called Pop Off (I took the name from a saying Tanisha, from the Bad Girls Club, would use when she was being loud and belligerent with the other cast members.)

So this post is called SEXY ...

Infiniti Essence

Certifiably: SEXY

Kanye's new girl Amber Rose SEXY

(click the picture to view the website)
Gilly Hicks: WAY TO SEXY
this website is way to sexy for work so visit it in the privacy of your own home. Gilly Hicks just opened in the Houston Galleria.

Because I never ever buy cds at the store I have decided that in my blog I will give little cd reviews and ways to find the cd online.

(click the picture for a link to the download the cd)
The- Dream Love vs. Money came out on Tuesday and personally I thought his first cd was way 10 times better. This cd basically sounds like every other song on the radio despite a few of the slower tracks which are actually pretty good.

Love, Eisha

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